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Lost Coast ICE Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 70/30

Lost Coast IV ICE is our Max VG Watermelon-Strawberry-Hibiscus Flavor with a very cool twist

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4.93 out of 5
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Lost Coast MFG Cold Snap Pure Menthol Spearmint Flavor 80/20 VG/PG

Our Latest flavor Cold Snap is the ultimate pure mint flavor for all menthol lovers. Great for cooling down your favorite juice. 80/20 VG/PG

not rated $ 23.99
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Lost Coast Original Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 70/30

Lost Coast IV is a Max VG Watermelon-Strawberry-Hibiscus Flavor.  Most people find this to be an excellent all-day vape.


5 out of 5
$ 23.99$ 34.99
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Lost Coast Reserve Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 90/10

 E-Liquid Ingredients We have looked far and wide to procure the finest ingredients available, regardless of cost. VG –  We use only kosher food grade USP Vegetable Glycerin. Nicotine – We use nicotine from an FDA registered facility specializing in a minimum 99.8% pure USP grade organic nicotine in a USP Kosher grade Vegetable Glycerin base. … Read More

5 out of 5
$ 14.99$ 49.99
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Lost Coast Sour Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 60/40

Our latest spin on our original watermelon strawberry hibiscus flavor. Introducing Lost Coast Sour a unique blend of watermelon strawberry hibiscus with a sour kick.

5 out of 5
$ 14.99$ 34.99
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