Our Customers
We value their loyalty and demand the most from ourselves in the pursuit to bring them the best E-Liquid possible.


Why Choose Us?
  • Quality E-Liquid – Our master juice maker started out making his own.  He wanted to craft the finest juice possible, an All-Day Vape.  Lost Coast was developed to produce premium juice, using only the finest ingredients (See Ingredient details below).
  • Customer Care – We work hard to earn your business.  We value high ethics and long-term relationships.
  • Cost Effective Wholesale Pricing – Our current manufacturing capacity is 10,000 bottles per week, and can be scaled up quickly.  We focus on quality; keeping overhead to a minimum so we can pass the savings on to our wholesale customers.  Our goal is to provide solid value.
  • Our Mission – We are brothers from Sacramento who are vaping enthusiast. We set out to create a quality product that keep coils tasting better and lasting longer at a competitive price. Established in 2015 we strive to provide superior customer service and a quality product that beginner and advanced vapor’s enjoy.
E-Liquid Ingredients
We have looked far and wide to procure the finest ingredients available, regardless of cost.  The E-Liquid is made in a clean room with exacting procedures and standards.
  • VG –  We use only kosher food grade USP Vegetable Glycerin.  VG represents by far the biggest component of our E-Liquid.
  • Nicotine – We use nicotine from an FDA registered facility specializing in a minimum 99.8% pure USP grade organic nicotine in a USP Kosher grade Vegetable Glycerin base.
  • Flavorings – We use natural and artificial food grade flavorings from a nationally known provider with a great reputation for excellence.
Flavor Development

IV Original Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 70/30

IV ICE Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus with menthol 70/30

IV Reserve – Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus 90/10

X – Sour watermelon – Watermelon Strawberry Hibiscus with Sour 60/40

Support Your Local Vape Shop
Vape Shops provide a vital link in the Vaping supply chain.
Most Vape Shops today are small businesses run by local mom and pops.  This is their livelihood.
Industry Standards
Lost Coast Liquid LLC fully supports the development of industry standards and the positive advocacy of the vaping community
We are a member of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA)

 SFATA Member Emblem


3 Responses

  1. Joe
    | Reply

    I have to say, it is one of the best juices I have had in a long time. I don’t always like to commit on anything but dam good juice!!! It reminds me of the first time I tried vaping. The flavor isn’t too strong. Love it, too bad I found it while out of town working. But I stocked up, great product and will keep my eye out when I go to shops.

  2. Christopher Juchniewicz
    | Reply

    I have found myself to be pretty sensitive to PG. I tried the Lost Coast Reserve juice, and it was perhaps the smoothest juice I’ve vaped. Great flavor and smooth hit. Most definitely buying again!

  3. Michael S
    | Reply

    I have been vaping lost coast since the original flavor came out and got it from Vital Vapes. I have non stop supported Lost Coast ever since. It’s prideful to Vape some quality stuff that these guys put out. Living in Sacramento also grants me endless supply. Love all the flavors thanks!

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